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On-time Rehabilitation: Brownstone Apartments

Project Type

Multi-Family Dwellings

Project Location

Indianapolis, IN

Client Name

Brownstone Apartments

Project Dynamics

  • Partial Electrical rehabilitation in all units.
  • Electrical installation of newly installed heat pumps.
  • Installation of Site Lighting Package.

On Budget

Our client’s project involved a HUD-backed housing complex in need of electrical rehabilitation to prefinished areas. The InPwr Inc. team assessed the facility and provided electrical installation of additional outlets, interior and exterior lighting fixtures, heat pumps, and partial rehabilitation of existing electrical infrastructure in all 95 units. Our plan took financial considerations into account and delivered a solution that stayed within the client’s budget.

On Time

InPwr Inc. provided qualified manpower to guarantee completion on time and to the client’s expectations. Carefully planned project execution and our relentless dedication to doing things right ensured that the client did not lose additional revenue during the rehabilitation and also met established time frames safely.

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