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RePwr: Emergency Response Services

InPwr Inc. stands as a dependable second responder, poised to address the most formidable disasters that befall our esteemed clientele. Armed with engineering prowess, design/build expertise, and agile, mobile teams, we offer swift, effective solutions, bolstered by our business aviation services. Our unwavering commitment to round-the-clock readiness ensures that we can swiftly mobilize for emergency response efforts at any hour, on any day, throughout the year, ensuring that disaster’s aftermath is met with immediate action.

Our design/build electrical contracting firm, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, boasts regional offices in Colorado, California, and Florida. With licenses spanning over 40 states and a diverse portfolio of projects nationwide, we are renowned for our excellence. As proud members of the Restoration Industry Association and recipients of Disaster Recovery awards, we have honed our expertise to establish InPwr as the gold standard in disaster recovery.

We excel at helping clients mitigate damage and minimize disruption while adhering to critical deadlines, ensuring that the impact of catastrophes remains as minimal as possible. Our emergency response services extend across the United States, Canada, and South America.

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InPwr’s industry leadership in emergency electrical service is defined by our exceptional expertise and swift responsiveness. We deploy agile, mobile teams that leap into action, offering immediate relief for your disaster recovery efforts. Operating 24/7/365, we guarantee that you can swiftly resume normal operations, regardless of the time of disaster.

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Our emergency electrical response services encompass:

  • Site Assessments: We conduct thorough assessments to gauge the extent of damage and the necessary steps for recovery.
  • Engineering for Temporary Power Solutions: Our expert engineering teams design temporary power solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Manpower Mobilization Within 24 Hours: With a rapid response team at the ready, we deploy skilled professionals to your site within 24 hours.
  • Distribution, Equipment, and Monitoring: We provide essential distribution services, equipment installation, and continuous monitoring to ensure your systems are up and running seamlessly.
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Remarkable Emergency Response Deployments

InPwr upholds strict confidentiality agreements with our disaster recovery clients. Here are some remarkable highlights from our extensive experience in this field, with specific details withheld to protect client privacy:

Gas Fires, Boston

A utility service call went frightfully wrong, taking an old cast-iron gas main out of service and resulting in gas fires erupting in several neighborhoods across three suburban cities. InPwr brought heat and power to approximately 2,500 residences in the award-winning restoration process.

  • Hundreds of 125kW diesel generators set, DLO cable installed, and distribution panels connected
  • 6/4 spider box cables installed, with 2-4 space heaters per spider box and CO/smoke detectors per residence
Casino Flooding Shutdown, Arizona

Arizona monsoon season brought flash floods to the desert land in the summer of 2018, bringing down a large casino and hotel. Shortly after impact, InPwr’s emergency response team doubled down in efforts, bringing their value engineering and design revisions to the scene.

  • Restored initial power with 480V distribution and multiple generators running continuously
  • Interior electrical distribution
  • Arc Flash and Short Circuit Coordination engineering
  • Shifted to a long-term solution with two separate medium voltage service transformers: (1) 4000A 480V service and (1) 3000A service, each with ATS and standby generation in an N+1 configuration
Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian hit a 450+ suite resort in 2022, and left extensive damage to the distribution system.

InPwr went on to reverse engineer the entire system, and provide the critical data and drawings needed for the design of the rebuild. It took InPwr only 11 days onsite to allow there to be a substantial energization of the complete system.

  • 62 miles of DLO cable
  • (2) 4000 amp 480v 3 phase main distribution switchboards
  • (2) 1200 amp 480v 3 phase main distribution switchboards
  • (5) 1600 amp 480v automatic transfer switches
  • 6 MegaWatts of generator power paralleled
Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, LA

Due to the extreme schedule constraints and the availability of temporary equipment, InPwr utilized its industry knowledge and in-house engineering team to design a paralleled 6.0mW temporary service. The main hospital consisted of a single 13.2kV service fed with dual utility feeds. InPwr utilized the available 2.0mW 480v generators and equipment to design a trailer mounted service entrance. The trailer had (3) 3000A 480V Main Disconnects, (1) 5.0mVA 480-13.2mV delta/wye transformer and (1) MV Main Disconnect.

This installation utilized almost 6 miles of 4/0 DLO cable to make all the connections and bring the hospital back online to serve the community. InPwr provided the design and installation and had the hospital under temporary power within 7 days of arriving to the site.

The Women’s Hospital consisted of (2) 3000A 480v Services and on-site emergency generators. With the utility power out, they discovered the onsite emergency generators were damaged and could not be utilized for the hospital to reopen. InPwr’s ability to perform onsite engineering to design a solution utilizing temporary equipment was paramount for the community.

InPwr quickly provided the design and mobilized the necessary equipment. This equipment included (3) 2.0mW generators, (1) for each service and (1) for emergency back included and Automatic Transfer switch.

Private Fire, West Palm Beach, FL

On June 14, 2020, amid the COVID pandemic, the residents of St. Andrews Residence were displaced from their homes after an electrical fire on the roof of their high-rise assisted living facility. Within 24 hours, all residents were instructed to evacuate following the fire due to no power to the building. The system that was affected by this fire was responsible for distributing electricity to all 15 floors (182 units) of this waterfront high-rise facility. It was found that

there was catastrophic failure in the Buss Duct System which left each unit without power and HVAC.

InPwr was able to respond very quickly to get temporary power distributed so repairs could begin. Temporary power solutions were built by the InPwr Engineering and Design Team, executed by a talent brood of electricians, and controlled by strong leadership.

This solution required a 2.0 MW temporary generator where 13 miles of cabling had to scale the scaffolding solution to each electrical room and rooftop penthouse.

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