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Fast and Innovative Installation: Chauncey Place

Project Type

Multi-Family Dwellings

Project Location

West Lafayette, IN

Client Name

Chauncey Place

Project Dynamics

Expedited Schedule

Our client requested an expedited project schedule to accommodate semester schedules for a student housing facility. The InPwr Inc. solution required fast-paced work and careful planning as the majority of the six-story, 110-unit facility was rented while under construction.

Innovation and Cooperation Speed Results

To meet the tight timeframe, our team coordinated extensively with multiple other contractors and developed several innovative solutions. Because the facility required electrical infrastructure located conveniently to each apartment, we made use of localized subpanels to accelerate installation of general use outlets, used new materials, and leveraged creative installation methods to speed the process—including making use of prefab boxes and fixtures to lessen the labor burden on each item. As a result, InPwr Inc. completed the project on time and well within budget.