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Fast-tracked Energy Efficiency: Indiana Department of Revenue

Project Type


Project Location

Indianapolis, IN

Client Name

Indiana Department of Revenue


100,000 SQFT

Project Dynamics

  • Design/build 100,000 SF office facility and a small warehousing area which was fed by a 1,600A service
  • Included an extensive lighting control system and IT requirements
  • It had a very extensive layout underground due to floor boxes and cubicle farms

Secure Space

Our client, a large governmental agency, required a 100,000-square-foot office space including cubicle space, conference rooms, warehouse areas, and significant underground space. Working with other contractors and the client to accommodate unusual spaces and technology needs, our team provided fast-track construction service for the extensive lighting control and electrical systems to meet the client’s needs.

Taxpayer Savings

At InPwr Inc., we always work to provide our clients with the best possible value. For this project, we knew that providing greater value not only helped our client, but also saved the taxpayers money. In our design, we included the newest technology in lighting controls and building methods to make the facility as energy efficient as possible. Moreover, we completed the project early and under budget.