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Flexible Improvement: Edy’s Ice Cream

Project Type

Cold Storage and Distribution

Project Location

Atlanta, GA

Client Name

Edy's Ice Cream


60,000 SQFT

Project Dynamics

  • 4,000 Amp Main Electrical Service
  • Provided controls and Electrical power to Ammonia Refrigeration System
  • Installation of interior lighting packages

Updates to an Existing Facility

Edy’s Ice Cream had an existing facility in need of significant upgrades and improvements. Increased demand overtaxed the electrical system and did not provide the service our client needed to meet current realities. As part of the tenant improvement project, our team completed a comprehensive electrical design upgrade, installed interior and exterior lighting, revamped building power and distribution, and installed improved refrigeration controls.

Flexible Results

As our team scoped the project, we determined that, not only did the existing facility not meet our client’s current needs, our solution needed built-in flexibility to handle future growth. When we designed the new system, we kept in mind the client’s future needs as well as meeting current requirements, giving the client enhanced flexibility and ensuring lower costs over the longterm.