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Staci Inskeep

Chief Compliance Officer

From the inception of InPwr Inc., Staci Inskeep has been a driving force in shaping its vision and growth. She embarked on this journey right from the outset, meticulously constructing the company’s foundation, one client, one team member, and one project at a time. Over the course of about 20 years, InPwr Inc. has evolved significantly, yet its unwavering dedication to excellence and the cultivation of an empowered, top-notch team remain constant.

Staci has traversed diverse roles within the organization, ultimately dedicating her focus to enhancing the internal vitality and cultural fabric of the company. With her Master of Arts degree in Psychology/Organizational Leadership Development, as well as a certification as an MBTI Practitioner, Staci is the driving force behind ensuring our team leverages their inherent strengths and core competencies. She passionately promotes self-improvement and fosters harmonious working relationships across the organization. Staci’s infectious smile and engaging personality infuses our business with her boundless enthusiasm, making her an invaluable cornerstone of our enterprise.

True leadership is not measured by one’s power, but by the capacity to empower others. Staci epitomizes this character, elevating our organization to greater heights.

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