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Michael Rohmann

Director of Operations


“Are you willing to plant seeds for trees you will never climb?”

Michael boasts an impressive career spanning over three decades, with 34 years dedicated to mastering both operational management and the nuances of electrical construction. His professional journey began with a robust educational background, having graduated from Associated Builders and Contractors in Annapolis, Maryland. This strong foundation paved the way for his extensive experience in both manufacturing and electrical installation operations management.

Holding multiple state electrical licenses, Michael’s expertise is not only recognized but also highly sought after in the field. His career is marked by a consistent track record of achieving and often surpassing goals related to revenue, cost management, productivity, and project delivery. Michael’s influence extends far beyond the individual projects under his leadership; he has left a significant and lasting impact on the electrical construction industry at large.

Today, Michael continues to be a source of inspiration and innovation within the electrical sector. He is driven by a desire to create a lasting legacy, one that his mentors would admire and be proud of. His commitment to excellence and forward-thinking approach are not just a reflection of his personal dedication, but also a testament to the evolving landscape of electrical construction and operational management.