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Fast, Affordable Reconstruction: Creekstone Farms

Project Type


Project Location

Arkansas City, KS

Client Name

Creekstone Farms


80,000 SQFT

Project Dynamics

Reconstruction Without Disruption

After sustaining significant damage to their existing plant in a fire, our client required a time-sensitive reconstruction without compromising existing operations. Our team coordinated with other contractors to deliver a complete solution while minimizing disruption to the client’s remaining processes.

Fast-track Design Solution

By mobilizing an onsite design team, InPwr Inc. successfully incorporated day-by-day design changes into the construction phase, keeping this fast-paced project on time and under budget. Our solution included an 80,000-square-foot, two-story beef processing center supplied with a primary metered medium voltage lineup, two transformers, an 5,550a of 480V incoming service, emergency generator to power lighting, fire alarm system, IT equipment, integration of an extensive ammonia refrigeration control system, distribution via cable tray and stainless steel conduit, and a first floor wash down food grade application governed by USDA standards.