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Dave Hedge



Experience: 22+ Years

"If serving is below you, then leadership is beyond you."
–Doug Thorpe

About Dave Hedge

With an extensive 22-year background in electrical contracting encompassing a wide spectrum of hands-on electrical construction and supervisory roles, Dave has solidified his reputation as a seasoned professional in the industry. His expertise extends to comprehensive operations management and a consistent track record of surpassing customer expectations.

Dave’s commitment to safety and best practices has been a hallmark of his career, and he has actively contributed to Safety and Best Practice committees, further enhancing his industry knowledge and leadership capabilities. His dedication to sustainable practices is exemplified by his LEED AP certification, underscoring his commitment to environmentally responsible construction.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to Merit Shop Construction, Dave was honored with the prestigious ABC Judge’s Special Award of Excellence in 2007. This award serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence in the field, making him a valuable asset to any project or team he is a part of.

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