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Sam Shines On!

Sam & Barb SummerOur associates are our greatest asset – hands down! Without them, InPwr Inc. would not be where it is today. So when one of our families is affected by tragedy, it impacts us all. Fortunately, in our latest story, there’s a happy ending, as Sam shines on!

Associate Barbara Schultz got the emergency call on Sept. 11, 2016, with the news that her twenty-three-year-old daughter Samantha “Sam” had a traumatic mountain biking accident, while vacationing in the Rocky Mountains. A mother’s true nightmare! Sam had flipped over the handle bars, hit the ground hard, causing a brain bleed, in addition to severe gashes on her body. Air lifted to a local hospital, she spent 31 days in the ICU, with nearly half of that time in a medically-induced coma to reduce the brain swelling. Once in a stable state, Sam was moved to a rehabilitation hospital in the Denver area where she spent 70 more days in intensive therapy, before heading home to Indiana for continued therapy and recovery. Sam had to relearn how to walk, talk, drive and more!

Sam’s brain injury was nearly two years ago, and the Schultz family is embracing life day-by-day as the recovery continues! We’re honored to be a part of this story and supporting this sweet family, at the time of the accident and every day since. Sam’s positive attitude and determination is inspirational to us all, and Barbara’s and Sam’s strength is unwavering. May we all shine as bright!

Sam Welcome Home

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