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Revamped New Hire Orientation

InPwr’s team has been working hard behind the scenes for months to plan a new and improved “New Hire Orientation.”

During every Orientation, new hires are visited by members of 11 InPwr departments. These BadAss department representatives present their area’s purpose, main tasks, and success stories. These amazing stories are demonstrations of the InPwr Core Values in action.

Another special part is when team members from the other offices welcome the new hires via Teams. The Executive team also presents great insights into InPwr at every Orientation and is known to pop in at any time throughout the 2 ½ day Orientation.

The objectives for the Orientation Revamp center around new hires’ connection to team members, feeling valued, and the positive reinforcement in each new hire’s decision to join the InPwr team.

Lisa Rike (Training and Development), explains, “One of my favorite parts of the department presentations is when the new hires draw a random question from the Question Stash bag to ask the InPwr team member presenting. The question can be asking about either work or personal things. The presenters have always been open to share about themselves. This often starts a group conversation, brings about laughter and others sharing. This is the human connection in action!”


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